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 Introducing The Pipepod
 The Pipepod   Range - Leak Detection in all Pipe Materials
 Introducing the Hydrocam™
 Live Water Pipe Inspection in all pipe materials

The Pipepod LS™

Leak Detection System for all Diameter Water Pipes

  • The Pipepod listening stick is a unique leak detection product that enters a pipeline via a direct entry point as small as 1 inch diameter
  • The 100 metre system is fully portable with battery powered supply
  • Accurate leak identification and location within pressurised potable water pipelines from 50mm diameter and above rated to 10 BAR pressure
  • System inserted directly into the pipeline at standard operating pressure through a specially designed chlorination seal arrangement which sanitises the cable prior to insertion
  • Pipepod LS™ can be pushed up to 100 metres to detect leaks with instant results identified by a trained operative
  • The system can be used in all standard water pipe materials and through different types of access fittings
  • No expensive consumables required
  • A true no dig technology product

System comprises:
100 metre 12mm flexible rod cable and micro hydrophone technology
Distance data
Ruggedized coiler cage with slip ring
IP rated power box with direct audio output
Seal housing with chlorination port for use in potable water
System launching tube with vent valve
Sponge swab set
Noise cancelling headphones
3 metre extension lead
Spare seal set package
Lead and Headphone carry case
Launch tube Bag
Drum Bag
1 day on site training package

Suitable for pipes    50mm and above
Reel length        100 metres
Rod type        12mm semi flexible pushrod