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The Pipepod Flowrider™

The Flowrider™ Long Distance Leak Detection and Inspection Product for all Diameter Water Pipes 8 inches and above

The Flowrider™ is a unique add-on platform tool that offers high quality CCTV footage, coupled with a highly sensitive hydrophone module. The long range inspection unit uses the water flow within a pipeline to travel up to a distance of 1000 metres with the water flow direction. 

Technical data

  • Lightweight camera sensor
  • Low lux video sensor
  • Highly responsive hydrophone
  • Pressure rated to 20 Bar
  • HD 720P camera module
  • USB recording via control box
  • 12/24 Volt LED light ring
  • Additional light ring for large diameter pipes

Control unit

The Flowrider includes a rugged military spec box that has an integrated 15″ flat screen monitor and keyboard controls and records directly on to portable memory USB drive.

The system comes complete with on-screen meterage overlay, text generator and will operate at 240v AC with integrated rechargeable batteries for use where no mains power is available.

Additional light ring

When surveying on large diameter pipelines additional lighting may be required. The unique pressurised COB light offers improved visibility on dark walled or large diameter pipes above 24 inches.

  • 1500 Lumens for large diameter pipes can be added to acoustic sensor port
  • 24Vdc
  • Micro thermal limiting curcuit if accidentally used in air (out of water)
  • Pressure rated to 20 bar

PIPA Hydrochutes and carrier globe

PIPA Has registered designs for numerous sized hydrochutes developed for a more central survey image, when being used in conjunction with a floating camera system. Another design feature is a central failure joint in the event of getting a camera stuck whilst surveying a pressurised pipeline; the joint is designed to break open the hydrochute to enable easy system retrieval.

Globe carrier design improves survey image as it spins

System insertion points

The Flowrider live™ can enter pressurised pipelines through any type of access fitting that has an opening of 2 inches and above (larger entry point required when using the PCOB light attachment). The fitting must be directly on the top of the main, without any bends in configuration.

Lightweight launch tube shown on valve

The unique system can enter pipelines through specially designed sanitization housing at ground level, or directly on top of the pipe within an excavation or chamber, and can successfully survey pipelines buried at any depth using locking insertion rods as required. The system is especially useful when using through bore style hydrants.

System set up

The system is fully portable, low voltage and battery powered. It can be either vehicle or trailer mounted for ease of use.

The self-stacking motorised cable drum hygienically delivers the desired length of cable required up to 1KM (positive flow).

The control-box unit records distance data during a survey, and accurately measures the cable. Once a survey is completed the CCTV data is overwritten to distance data, to accurately identify any leaks OR interesting features identified during a survey. Acoustic data can also be listened to on a live basis during a survey.

Site image

System propulsion

The system requires a flowrate of 0.3 M/S this can be created by the flushing of hydrants or washouts along the pipeline, or alternatively surveys are planned during peak flow periods. Once the correct survey distance has been achieved, these are then isolated and a full leakage sweep is undertaken during the pullback.

Flushing hydrant with flow attached gauge

Analysing the data

Once a survey has been completed, the data is processed away from site in a controlled environment. The sound of a leak is clearly understood by a trained leakage technician, and most leaks can be heard from several metres away, with a clear acoustic peak on fluid exit (actual leakage point).

Benefits of using the Flowrider platform system:

Size of pipelines- Due to the compact sensor size, the Flowrider can survey pipe sizes 8 inches and above.

Diameter of cable- The cable diameter is only 13mm and offers less friction during a survey. This improves inspection distance and offers the potential to navigate more pipeline bends and at a lessor flow rate than other industry products.

Flowrate required- Due to the light weight micro sensor, the system can be deployed at even low flowrates opposed to other market products.

Pressure rating- The system sensors are rated to 20 bar pressure.

Size of system- The system can be trailer mounted to make it portable; also it can be easily shipped due to the compact product design.

Lightweight launching device- The unique launching system requires no expensive scaffold for survey set up.

Depths of system launch- The system can be launched in all pipeline bury depths using a unique launch device.

Pipeline entry- The system can enter a pipeline at ground level via a pressurised fitting installed directly on top of the pipeline; this offers a huge cost saving as other companies require deeply buried concrete chambers for system access.

All materials used with the Flowrider product are MIC (materials in contact) compliant for safe use in potable water networks.

System supplied with a PIPA product potable passport, training and all associated spares.

System comprises:

  • Motorised delivery cable drum
  • 1000 metre neutrally buoyant umbilical cable
  • Unique launch system
  • Tripod and cable wheel
  • Camera and launch delivery drum
  • Control box
  • PCOB Lighting rig
  • Chute globe carrier system
  • 2 camera sensors
  • Hydrochute set and accessories
  • Seal set and accessories
  • Chlorination set and accessories

System Data

  • Accurate leak detection tool for all pressurised water pipes
  • Accurate CCTV Inspection tool for all pressurised water pipes
  • Can navigate several bends due to compact sensor design
  • Unique and registered design of hydro chutes offer failsafe anti snag system during inspection surveys
  • Motorised cable delivery and retrieval drum
  • System is silent during operation
  • Portable unit due to compact design
  • System can be vehicle or trailer mounted
  • Battery powered with no external generator required
  • Launch tube is lightweight for safe use on fragile pipe risers
  • Enters pipe through a 2 inch and above entry point

The Flowrider system is supplied with a 1km cable drum as standard with longer range systems available to order