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 Introducing The Pipepod
 The Pipepod   Range - Leak Detection in all Pipe Materials
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The Pipepod Flowrider™

The Pipepod Flowrider™ leakage platform tool can offer a 2km survey distance from a single deployment.


The leakage platform technology can be deployed up to 2000 metres with positive flow and can work under a wide variety of flow conditions. The unique and compact capsule is configured with an ultra-high response hydrophone sensor for precise inspections.
Unlike conventional leak detection systems the Pipepod Flowrider™ can successfully detect leaks in all pipe materials, and is not pipe size dependant. The unique capsule can be inserted into all pipes 4 inch diameter and above.

System Set up

The Pipepod™ insertion chamber is installed onto a DN80 valve or via a through bore style fire hydrant. The insertion point may also be a strategically installed riser, direct tapping or removed air release valve point with a minimum of 1.5 inch entry.

The isolation valve is opened and the Pipepod™ capsule is inserted into the pipeline until the water flow starts to move the capsule. The distance encoder is reset and the recording begins.

The survey is undertaken as required and the system is retracted utilising a self-stacking manual winch. The capsule is then removed for data download.

The recorded data is then analysed in a controlled environment to determine any acoustic interest detected. The distance can then be calculated from the entry point to determine accurate leak location.

During a leakage survey, several leaks can accurately be identified with one single leakage sweep of the technology.

The unique Pipepod™ system can offer:

  • Accurate long distance leak detection
  • Detection of entrapped gas and air pockets
  • Identify pipe implosion points
  • Not size or material dependant
  • Low pressure leaks identified at 0.5 Bar

The system package is made to order with a choice of neutrally buoyant umbilical tethers available in 500m, 1000m and 2km lengths as required.