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Polecam™ Tank CCTV Inspection System

The PIPA Polecam™ is a unique enclosed tank or vessel CCTV inspection system.
The Polecam™ is a unique lightweight survey tool that is fully portable, extendible and can be used on all enclosed structures or cavities for detailed surveying.
The system is designed for a reliable approach for harsh tank environments, and has a nylon sensor for increased durability, and less friction on metal walls or fittings.


The Polecam is fully portable and lightweight due to carbon fibre pole

The control panel is simple to use and part of the unit handle

Water tanker flushing prior to CCTV survey

Benefits of using the Polecam™ CCTV system:
Ease of use- the system requires no mains power and is simply charged off either mains or vehicle power via a charger socket outlet.
Size of system- The Polecam system is light weight, made with a carbon fibre pole, and anti-glare mini inspection screen.
Data recording facility- The unit can record video or take snapshots during an inspection, and all data is stored on a micro SD memory card.
Storage- The system is supplied in a water resistant and durable Pelican case.
All materials used with the Polecam product are MIC (materials in contact) compliant.
System is supplied with a PIPA product passport and all associated spares.

Technical data:
Camera sensor

  • Camera size: ø25mmX600mm(L)
  • View angle:120°
  • Leds adjustable
  • Camera lighting:12 Highlight LEDS
  • TotalPixels:PAL:720X576
  • Camera glass material: Acrylic faced sapphire glass
  • Camera shell material: Nylon

VDU Monitor Device

  • Size: 4.3inch
  • Resolution: 480X272
  • Display Ratio: 16:9
  • Power Supply: DC 4.2V
  • Video storage: SD card (32G)
  • Digital clock and digital calendar
  • Battery level display
  • DVR Total Pixels: 720X576
  • Picture snap and movie record
  • Movie format: AVI
  • Microphone Audio record
  • Stereo earphone output

Battery LI-ION
Charge time 4 hours
Working time 4 hours
Extendible pole
Material: Carbon fibre
Joint sections: 3
Minimum working length 1080mm
Maximum working length 3600mm


Tank wall inspection stills

System comprises:

  • High quality camera unit with carbon fibre pole, and recording device
  • LI-ION batteries x 2
  • Battery charger
  • 32 GB Micro SD card
  •  Storage case

Additional camera sizes and configurations available on request

The Polecam™ system is supplied with full training on product use