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The Pipeline™ in Pipe Cabling Product

The Pipeline™ is a unique cabling system manufactured specifically for in-line cabling of newly constructed pipelines. The product can also be retrofitted into existing pipes.

The 2mm galvanised steel polypropylene coated product is designed for long term exposure to chlorinated water, and designed for potable water pipe installation.

The cable is suitable for all pressurised and depressurised pipe installations.

The cable design is uniform to allow sealing plates to be installed onto the cable at either end in the event of a pressurised pipe inspection.

The cabling allows the pull through of leak detection, monitoring, cleaning and inspection technology in the event of a failed hydrostatic test or leak, or for routine cleaning or testing of pipelines up to a distance of 2km. The product remains in the pipeline as long as required during installation, and up to a period of 5 years if required.


The cable is installed into the pipeline during the pipe construction process (cable can also be retro-fitted), with strategic isolation points on the pipe. The cable is then held in place by the compression of a gate valve or fitting either end.

To retrofit into pipelines the cable is floated through a live water pipe and extracted through a secondary seal arrangement.

In the event of a pressurised technology pull through, the cable is passed through a seal arrangement and attached to a cabling device for the pull through of required technology. During this procedure a secondary cable is attached and in turn is pulled into the pipeline replacing the existing cable. The original cable can be replaced, or alternatively be pulled back into the pipe.


System Set up

Image of cabling in pressurised pipeline pulling through a technology device

The isolation valves or fittings are opened either end, and the pull through technique is then achieved. Once the pull through survey is complete, the isolation of valves or fittings is undertaken.

Utilising the Pipeline product is a way of future proofing and monitoring all high risk pipes or conduits.

Strategic installation is advised on pipes close to river crossings and train lines.

Pipeline cable product is a consumable item and should be rotated every 5 years.

Technical Data

  • Unique product supplied on a 2km drum
  • 2mm OD Cable product
  • 5mm Galvanised steel wire (for potable water use and chlorine resistant)
  • 25 mm Polypropylene coating
  • MIC compliant product
  • 5 year lifespan within a pressurised water pipe
  • Cable can be traced for non-metallic pipe location


The Pipeline™ product is DWI MIC approved and supplied in 2km drum lengths (longer lengths available for order)




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