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 Introducing The Pipepod
 The Pipepod   Range - Leak Detection in all Pipe Materials
 Introducing the Hydrocam™
 Live Water Pipe Inspection in all pipe materials


The Pipepod S™

The Pipepod S™ is a unique leak detection tool for small diameter service pipes, and enters the pipeline via an ebco style meter box.

The Pipepod LS™

The Pipepod LS™ is a new and unique product which can detect leaks in all pipe sizes. The 100 metre internal listening stick can detect leaks in all pipe materials and even low pressures.

The Pipepod™

The Pipepod™ is a unique acoustic recording capsule with advanced technology to accurately identify leaks in water, gas and oil pipelines. 

The Pipepod Hydrostatic™

The Pipepod Hydrostatic™ system accurately identifies and locates leaks in a single pass on newly laid pipelines up to a distance of 1 km on all pipe sizes and materials.

The Pipepod Flowrider™

The floating long distance system can deliver a leakage survey of up to 2km from a single insertion point.

All PIPA products are available for sale or service delivery with worldwide shipping and a full training package

Welcome to PIPA

Pipe Inspection Products and Accessories

PIPA is a UK based specialist technology provider for pipeline inspection,leak detection and cleaning techniques. PIPA is focussed on innovative ways of improving pipe inspection and cleaning of pipelines, whilst the network remains in service.

PIPA is the total solution for utility companies, consultants and contractors dealing in pipe infrastructure around the world.

PIPA has many years of implementing pipe inspection techniques around the world, and has realised a market for innovative products that are user friendly, robust and deliver cost and time savings on standard industry techniques and applications.



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PIPA also offers bespoke design and manufacture of pipe inspection and cleaning products developed to your individual requirements.



Customer Testimonials

Thanks PIPA it was much appreciated using your help & expertise in using this equipment on our mains.The information we gained has given us the confidence to rezone the DMA & and not have to carry out mains conditioning beforehand as the internal condition is good. We will be carrying out this rezone next week.”

Team Manager Severn Trent Water



The service received is always courteous, professional and efficient. Working alongside PIPA and their new innovations has resulted in several success stories, including a long standing leak on a 12 inch trunk main and a leak on a main at the side of the A1 in Peterborough

Intensive Investigation Planner Anglian Water





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