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PIPA Hydrocam removes the guesswork for Bristol Water

API was recently contacted by Bristol Water to survey a 700mm pressurised water main with low pressure issues. The survey identified a faulty valve installation which was subsequently replaced the following week. API revisited the site and recorded the valve being operated and produced a data report as required.

API Spokesman: Using PIPA Technology has vastly improved and extended our service delivery, with thousands of Hydrocam surveys already planned for 2018.

KIER Successfully find 3 leaks using PIPA Technology the Pipepod Hydrostatic

API was recently contacted by water utility contractor KIER in the UK. The client had identified possible leaks on a DI newly installed pipeline. Due to the pipeline bury depth and using traditional techniques the client could not pinpoint the leaks exact location.
Project Challenges
The pipeline is situated close to a water source and deeply buried.
The pipeline is a 500mm pipe with a test required at 16 bar pressure.
Length of pipe is 1550 metres.
The only water source for pipe testing is via pumped tankers.
The client utilised a utility leakage team and searched for leaks over several weeks with the following methods:

 Noise correlators – no leaks identified (not accurate on large diameter metallic pipes)
 Listening stick- Pipeline was deeply sited below ground so this technique not feasible
 Tracer gas was considered but not implemented due to size of main

This had a major knock on effect, as the client cannot proceed with additional pipe installation, and also this delays the company creating revenue to complete additional projects.

API Successfully identified 3 leaks on 2 sections of the pipeline using PIPA Technology the Pipepod Hydrostatic. The unique system enables a special water safe cable to be installed using a tethered swab technique, up to a distance of 2km navigating bends and fittings. The survey included a total of 14 bends, and the leaks are now repaired and verified by KIER.
PIPA Representative:
The project was an ideal case study for our new and unique Pipepod H system, API also did an amazing job dealing with the difficult terrain and wet weather conditions during the leakage sweeps. PIPA Technology offers a new industry approach to new pipe installation leak detection, and this should be adopted globally in the future.

API offers pressurised pipe inspections for PN Daly using PIPA Technology

API Has just completed a pressurised pipe inspection project for utility contractor PN Daly. The CCTV project was to confirm the pipe cleaning procedure on a potable water main. API offers pipe inspection solutions using PIPA Technology, all surveys are undertaken as fully chlorinated inspections, to enable water mains to remain in service during a survey.


API Finds leak for Severn Trent Water using PIPA Technology

API Has successfully identified and located a leak for Severn Trent Water working in conjunction with PN Daly.
The survey was undertaken on a 9 inch CI pressurised water main using the Hydrocam and Pipepod leak detection system. The PIPA technology offers the best products commercially available globally for pressurised pipe inspection.
API is the UK industry leader in offering pressurised pipe inspection, and leak detection solutions on difficult to trace leaks.

API Team leader
API has invested in PIPA technology and it is clearly paying off! The leak detected today was another example of the benefit in using PIPA Technology, along with the inspection knowledge API has achieved over the past 9 years.