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LJK™ Hydrant Entry System

The PIPA LJK™ or loose jumper key is a unique hydrant entry system for loose jumper style fire hydrants.

The LJK™ is a unique lifting device that ensures that a loose jumper fire hydrant can be fixed in the open position after initial operation.

The system is designed for a reliable approach for utility companies to inject water back into a pipeline in the case of a temporary water feed.

Benefits of using the LJKTM system:

Ease of use- the system requires no mains power and is simply attached to hydrants via a standard London thread attachment.

Water supply- the unit attaches to standard UK tanker hose fittings and offers direct water injection back into a water main.

Size of system- The LJK system is light weight and fully portable within a hose connection length from a water tanker vehicle or overland hose feed.

Depths of system launch- The system can be used on all hydrants with varying bury depth.

Safety feature locking rod lifter and safety chain.

All materials used with the LJK product are MIC (materials in contact) compliant.

System is supplied with a PIPA product passport and all associated spares.

System comprises:

  • Hygienic launch tube with London thread configuration
  • Unique seal arrangement
  • 360 degree rotation for maximum degree of jumper lift
  • High pressure rated to 12 BAR
  • Universal lifting lance for numerous style of fire hydrant
  • Storage bag and accessories


Technical Data

Reliable pipe entry via loose jumper style fire hydrants for water injection and CCTV camera entry.

Unique and registered design includes sanitization during product use.

Safety chain and locking mechanism enables variable style of hydrant entry.

The system enables water to be back fed into water mains without the need for an excavation or change of hydrant.

The unit should be used on every loose jumper style fire hydrant on all potable water networks prior to operation.