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Hydrantclear™ Flushing System

The Hydrantclear™ is a hydrant cup cleaning system for all styles of fire hydrants
The Hydrantclear™ is a unique cleaning device that ensures that a fire hydrant bowl is cleared and sanitised prior to opening of the main valve.
The system is designed for a reliable approach for utility companies to guarantee hydrant sanitisation prior to operation.

Benefits of using the HydrantclearTM system:
Ease of use- the system requires no mains power and is simply attached to hydrants via a standard London thread attachment
Water supply- the unit attaches to standard UK tanker hose fittings and offers directional flushing to remove any debris and engrained surface dirt
Size of system- The cleaning system is light weight and fully portable within a hose connection length from a water tanker vehicle
Depth of system launch- The system can be used on all hydrants with varying bury depth
All materials used with the Hydrantclear product are MIC (materials in contact) compliant.
System supplied with a PIPA product passport and all associated spares.

System comprises:

  • Hygienic launch tube with London thread configuration
  • Unique product rated to 12 Bar
  • Unique registered design that creates a water vortex and lifts debris out of hydrant cup
  • High pressure rated cleaning lance and spray nozzle
  • Vent port outlet for external hose connection
  • Storage bag and accessories


Technical Data

  • Reliable cleaning of hydrant cup above sealed valve sections
  • Unique design improves the flush out of foreign and engrained debris
  • Suitable for all buried style fire hydrants
  • Water is vented using a hose during the cleaning process
  • Removes the risk of contamination when operating hydrants on potable water networks
  • The Hydrantclear removes doubt when injecting water back into depressurised water mains
  • The unit should be used on every hydrant on all potable water networks prior to operation

The HydrantclearTM system is supplied with full training on product use